Business Intelligence

Using data modelling, automating multiple Excel spreadsheet processes in to dashboards, report and business intelligence

The Client

Louvre Fund Services


The Challenge

Louvre Fund Services was looking to reduce time, improve accuracy and reporting with a laborious weekly and quarterly task that was previously being performed on a trades data set in multiple Excel spreadsheets.


  • Excel
  • Power BI


  • Manual time-consuming processes now fully automated saving hours of work a week
  • Reports available real-time instead of having to be produced manually when required
  • Several more reports available which hadn't been previously possible
  • Louvre and its clients are now using business intelligence to gather insights & make decisions that were not previously available

The Solution

After demonstrating Power BI and completing a proof of concept, Resolution IT built out a data modelling function inside Power BI to re-arrange and interpret the trades excel spreadsheets in a way that reports, and business intelligence could be gathered. 


Dashboard were setup and could be refreshed with a click of a button providing not only the traditional reporting but also enabling powerful insights into the data .


"The faultless delivery of a client reporting solution from Resolution IT provided us with an efficient process to produce periodic reports previously generated in a manual and time-consuming way. The functionality of the reporting and how it is produced has enhanced the service we provide our clients and made us more effective operationally."

Leon Meakin, Associate Director
Louvre Group


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