Digital Signatures

Digitising client and crew onboarding process with digital signatures

The client

Levanto - a leading superyacht crew employment and payroll service provider.

The challenge

Levanto was having to print and post thousands of client and crew contracts worldwide, then waiting weeks for the signed documents to be returned, which was proving costly and time consuming.

Levanto approached us to see if we could use digital signatures to reduce this administrative burden and speed up the process.


  • DocuSign


  • Manual time-consuming processes now take a fraction of the time
  • Saving printing and postage costs
  • Contracts now being signed 80% quicker
  • Complete oversight of each contract's progress
  • Eliminates uncertainty of safe arrival and returning of signed contracts

The Solution

After evaluating a number of digital signature solutions, DocuSign was chosen as the service to assist Levanto in digitising its contract process.

Various contracts were quickly reformatted to suit a digital signature and clients and crew were notified of the change from paper to electronic contracts.

These are now created and sent in minutes. Using DocuSign inbuilt audit trail feature, the contract's progress can be tracked and chased if there is a delay in it being signed.


Changing from printing and posting contacts, to using DocuSign has made considerable time-saving and administrative efficiencies for us. We can create and send documents in minutes and we are seeing contracts returned in days and not weeks.


Jackie Houchard, Director
Levanto International

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