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At Resolution IT, we focus on providing appropriate IT solutions to add value to your business whilst ensuring it is reliable and secure.

We understand that the IT infrastructure of a business is at the core of your efficiency so we take the time to understand your exact requirements and tailor a solution around that.

We have particular experience with complementing busy in-house IT teams - please see below for further details on how we provide assistance, experience and specialist expertise.

Resolution IT has years of experience and industry recognised accreditations to ensure the right solution is implemented to the highest level.

Support for in-house IT teams

We are here to support in-house IT teams with a range of specialist services. With increasing regulatory and security demands placed on IT teams, there is often a need, whether ad hoc or longterm, to bring in outside IT expertise for specific projects. We complement already stretched in-house IT teams with specific skill sets and knowledge, extending the scope of their teams whenever needed.

We supply the right resource at the right time, delivered by qualified staff who have vast experience of in-house IT projects in many different sectors.

Projects are completed when previously they might not even have been started, with clients gaining access to qualified and experienced IT professionals for as long as necessary. The whole business benefits from an improved internal IT service, without any head count changes.

There is enhanced access to vendors, suppliers and support channels, by tapping into Resolution’s own extensive networks.

Client feedback has been that the benefits of our involvement last long after we have gone:  there is lasting value to existing teams through improvement to skills and knowledge acquired by working alongside our own specialists.

In-house IT support
  • Strategy, roadmaps & budgets
  • Consultancy & special projects
  • Helpdesk assistance & ticket reduction
  • Monitoring, patching & reporting
  • Cyber & information security services
  • Assistance with IT risk register, incident response & reporting
  • Microsoft 365 migrations
  • On-prem/Azure hybrid migrations

IT support where you need it

Our team can design and implement an intelligent IT infrastructure to suit businesses of any size.

After carrying out a thorough IT audit and review, we'll be able to recommend solutions to either harness the power of existing systems or implement appropriate new ones to streamline your working practices. An actionable IT roadmap providing high performance technology, backed up with superb in-house technical expertise and support.

We'll manage the selection and purchase of all IT related items, providing you with cost-effective solutions.

Moving Offices?

We're experienced in planning and executing office moves, whether they be internal reorganisations or full office relocations. Our seamless project management of your move offers value engineered design, making sure your data is protected during the move, preparing your new premises with sufficient communication requirments and full testing of your new network.

IT Infrastructure
  • IT audits & reviews
  • Centralised value for money IT procurement
  • IT roadmaps
  • IT strategies
  • Project managed office moves

Backup & DR (Disaster Recovery)

Backups should be carried out on a daily basis, especially in today's cyber climate. They are useful for immediate access to a document which needs restoring. They are not a substitute for a DR (Disaster Recovery) Plan.

A DR Plan should be a part of every business' strategy, to determine the maximum amount of time it can be without its IT systems if disaster was to strike. 

Backup & (DR) Disaster Recovery
  • Recovery time will be faster
  • Therefore less negative impact on your business
  • Overseen by experienced DR professionals

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